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FLINT, MI — In 2016, Flint Beat photographer, Mark Felix headed to Dan’s Quick Stop to talk to people about a project he was working on about police killings of black men. Felix was told that Dan’s would be a good place to meet people from the Flint community to get their point of view on the issue. Little did he know that the store’s owner would pique his interest enough for him to capture Dan Holbrook’s story.

“I was working on a project about how the murders of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling made black men feel in Flint,” Felix said. “My neighbor, who worked at Dan’s Quick Stop told me it would be a great spot to talk to folks. After meeting Dan, I just kept going to the shop and started filming the project in 2017.”

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Holbrook was readying for retirement after running the then community mainstay for decades. No one wanted to take over the family business, so, at the end of the year, the store was set to close.
Holbrook died in his sleep on Aug. 29, 2017, before he could retire, and Dan’s Quick Stop abruptly closed the following day. Holbrook was 79.

Felix eventually left Flint to work on a project for National Geographic but finally wrapped up editing on the video project about Holbrook, whose birthday is Dec. 4. Holbrook would be 82 if he were still alive.

To find out more about Mark Felix, visit his website at MarkFelixPhotography.com.

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  1. Thank you so much Mark Felix for giving us a piece of my Dad on his Birthday. You have no idea how much this gave us a hint of peace. My Dad sacrificed so much over the years trying to maintain that store. Cutting trips early because he had to get back to the store. Not to mention all the people across the street that he helped over the years. My Mom did as well. If she saw one of the people across the street in the High Rise with no coat, torn clothes etc she would go get them one. She use to bring so many clothes to them over the years . She had true friendships with many of them. My siblings and i grew up with some of the people in the area just being at the store working over the years. Some were babies that we saw grow up. Many we still see Thanks to FB. I could go on and on but I will just end letting you know we are so Grateful to you and your team. Peace & Blessings to you❤

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