Flint, MI — The campaign to reelect Dr. Karen W. Weaver for Mayor continues to build momentum as today it was announced that U.S. Representative, Elijah Cummings, issued the following letter of support:

“I write to congratulate you on winning the recent primary election in your campaign for re-election. In our work together to restore safe drinking water for the people of Flint, you have been a visionary and tenacious fighter for your community— and, indeed, for all Americans.

Because I believe that it is the right of every citizen to choose the leaders who will represent them, I typically do not endorse candidates in other states. However, you have shown me that you are a resilient, steadfast, and determined advocate for the people of your community – and in the process, you have also brought attention to the social and environmental conditions that plague many of our communities, including my own.

Mayor Weaver, all too often, communities like Flint and Baltimore have suffered from a harsh and dangerous legacy of disinvestment and neglect by the governments with a duty to protect us. We who have been entrusted with the safety of our people must be committed and accountable for fulfilling this sacred trust.

You also have demonstrated that you share my deeply held conviction that our major urban centers have an almost unlimited potential for empowerment and positive change. In this, Mayor Weaver, you have become a ray of hope for your beloved City of Flint and urban communities throughout our country.

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Without belaboring the recent history that the people of Flint know all too well, I must recall and commend your leadership in declaring a state of emergency, demanding the resources that followed, and stepping out on faith to initiate the FAST Start service line replacement program that now is a model for Michigan and our nation. You have made the health of your community your top priority, as it must be in response to the dangers and suffering caused by this man-made crisis.

Mayor Weaver, your tireless and continuing mission to assure safe, clean, and affordable drinking water for all the people of your community both fulfills your fundamental duty to the people of Flint and serves as a model for the rest of our nation.

All of this is why I am writing to express my respect and confidence in you – and my support for your campaign to continue your service to Flint during a second term.”

Cummings endorsement comes after a series of confusing political ads, one in which suggests that he is supporting her opponent.

Weaver, the first female Mayor of the City of Flint and a Clinical Psychologist for over 20 years, is leading a campaign that promises to continue moving Flint forward through economic growth, employment, and a focus on Public Health in all policies.

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  1. If you cannot win in town endorsement of politicians out of town mean nothing. Vote 11/5/ 19 for Sheldon Neeley Mayor of Flint. TRB

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