Flint, MI–The Michigan Attorney General and Genesee County Sheriff are partnering to host the first of what will be a series of expungement fair events on June 2, outside the sheriff’s office. 

Those interested in attending the event have one week to apply to participate.

The purpose of the event is to help eligible individuals obtain expungements for misdemeanor marijuana convictions, and provide information about expungements for other misdemeanor and felony convictions. 

On April 11 of this year, a new expungement law took effect in Michigan.

This law created a specific process for expunging certain offenses that are no longer crimes as a result of the legalization of recreational marijuana for adults in Michigan. Now, certain misdemeanor marijuana convictions may be expunged by individuals who complete the required application process. 

The new expungement law also expands the number of misdemeanor and felony convictions a person can expunge from their record. Now, an individual can expunge up to three felonies, with the exception of life offenses and certain serious felonies, and an unlimited number of certain misdemeanors. Those with more than three felony convictions on their record cannot seek expungements under the new law. 

“The ability to expunge these convictions, means an individual’s past mistakes no longer have to impact future plans,” said Attorney General Dana Nessel in a press release.  “We are eager to help residents gain access to the newly expanded expungement process. This law brings about overdue change for residents who would otherwise have to carry around the burden of a public criminal record well past the point of having paid their debt to society.” 

The first expungement fair event on June 2, is for Genesee County convictions only. In order to attend the event, you must answer an online questionnaire to be evaluated for participation. 

To qualify to attend the event, residents must have a conviction that occurred in Genesee County, know the conviction they would like to expunge, and the convicting court.

The Department of the Attorney General will review the applications, and contact those who are eligible to attend to schedule their participation in the event.  The application process closes Wednesday, May 19.

“All of us have a purpose in life,” said Sheriff Chris Swanson in a press release. “A basic human right to dignity and a clear conscience.  Yet, we still make mistakes.  On June 2, 2021 Genesee County will have a front row seat to witness stigmas of the past wiped away and new chapters of life beginning.  For this, I am honored to work shoulder to shoulder with Michigan’s Attorney General.”  

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  1. If you been sentence and they changed the law do you fall under old sentence or new sentence

  2. I’m on oxygen 24/7 and basically home bound with 2 felonies I want to have expunged. Can I register from my home?

  3. II have one felony for 7 g of marijuana I have 1 misdemeanor I would like to get expunge if I could please I hope I’m doing it the right way I’m filling out the area down below

  4. I have one fell need for 7 Grams of marijuana and I have a misdemeanor I would like it taken off my records my phone number is 8104072720 I’m not for sure if I’m feeling us out right but I wanna miss the opportunity to get it a sponged

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