Flint, MI — You don’t find Flint Beat’s style of journalism very often. Our small yet mighty news outlet dives deep into the sights, sounds and stories that affect Flint residents’ lives. 

Flint Beat was founded by publisher Jiquanda Johnson. She’s a longtime Flint resident — a true Flint girl through and through. 

“I started Flint Beat because I noticed there was minimal reporting about the real city I grew up in. In other local coverage, I was seeing the same old topics — crime, water and sports. Being a proud North Flint girl, I knew there was more happening. I’ve been around, and I’ve seen the community change.”

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At Flint Beat, we go beyond surface-level news, investing in journalism that impacts residents and explores solutions to citywide issues — without minimizing our city’s challenges, from education funding to gun violence. Flint Beat reporters take time to investigate and care to hear from city residents, like in Amy Diaz’s series examining how the city is trying to combat violent crime. 

In 2020, the Flint Beat team grew and our work expanded. We forged ahead with solutions journalism, took a deeper dive into happenings at city hall and expanded our coverage in public health and education. (Kofi Myler | Flint Beat)

Diaz’s work was highlighted by the nationally-recognized Solutions Journalism Network podcast, who interviewed her about her article, “Will the Special Investigative Unit decrease gun violence in Flint?”

We also make sure to spotlight Flint’s triumphs and personal stories of our residents  — from sharing memories and stories of the late Flint mural artist Ryon Gonzalez, to our Emmy-winning video shot by Jamal Bransford and produced by Johnson. The short documentary, “Every Day is Different,” follows a day in the life of a Flint mother and her four children during the peak of the pandemic. 

Beyond reporting the news, Flint Beat is a platform for the Flint community to be heard. Flint residents are not voiceless. You have a voice — and Flint Beat is here to make your voices heard. Since launching in 2017, we have stayed true to our mission: focusing on good, fair and honest reporting; representing all nine wards; and fighting for those who need it most. 

Flint Beat video journalist, Jamal Bransford, poses with an Emmy he won in 2018. (Courtesy Photo)

Last year, as Flint Beat was growing, it dawned on Johnson that she had been able to accomplish something rare: founding a media company in an industry dominated by white men. 

“I’ve been on panels where white men tell me I won’t succeed,” Johnson said.

As a minority publisher, Johnson says it’s been challenging to find adequate funding – but with her determination as a startup founder, deep knowledge of Flint and commitment to service journalism, her site has become a vital community resource.

“I’ve seen the community change — the good, bad and ugly,” Johnson said. “It’s a part of me, and I want to do right by Flint. And not in an unethical way… in a really impactful way. And leave a legacy. That’s important to me.”

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  1. I think yku all is doi g our city sum good . letting us know whats going on keep up the good work GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

  2. I kept my home delivery subscription to the Flint Journal, because I wanted to support local journalism and the carriers. I realized in the last year that I was stacking up the paper, not reading it, and recycling it. When the rate increases didn’t justify the expense, I finally canceled my delivery. I confused your publication with Flintside at first when I stumbled across one of your articles. Once I realized my mistake and found out more about your mission, I’m happy to donate on a monthly basis. Thank you for your dedication and support of our city.

  3. Courage and determination in the face of adversity a formula for success. Keep on pushing!

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