Survey: How is your Flint City Council person doing?


FLINT, MI – We want to know how residents feel about their Flint City Council person and the job they are doing in their ward as part of an accountability project for 2019. The project is in line with our goals to empower, impact and inform the Flint community. 

Flint City Council members were sworn into office November 2017 giving them more than a year to adjust to their seat. Please take our survey below and let us know how you would grade your councilperson and their work in your ward. 

1st NEW Flint Council 2017001
1st NEW Flint Council 2017002
1st NEW Flint Council 2017004
1st NEW Flint Council 2017005
1st NEW Flint Council 2017006
1st NEW Flint Council 2017007
1st NEW Flint Council 2017008
1st NEW Flint Council 2017009
Second ward councilman Maurice Davis looks on during the first council meeting after the election at Flint City Hall Monday, November, 13 2017 in downtown Flint. Mark Felix | Flint Beat
Iso: 1600
Orientation: 1

Flint has nine council members serving the city’s nine wards. If you are not sure who your councilperson is please visit the city of Flint’s website here

Our survey is below or you can also take it by clicking here.


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