Burton, MI–A lyrical showdown years in the making will finally ask the question that engulfed the Flint rap scene throughout the ‘90s: Who is the best rap group in the city?

Though diehard fans of both the Dayton Family and Top Authority, two of Flint’s most successful rap groups, will likely never budge on their answer, the two groups will finally face off on Saturday, Oct. 30 at 7 p.m.

The Dayton Family/Top Authority Versus Event, as it is being called, will be held at the Dort Federal Event Center. Tickets are available for purchase here.

“This has been a question I’ve been asking since I was in middle school, who is the best rap group in Flint?” said Alex Harvey, promoter and organizer for the Versus event.

Harvey said the idea for the Versus event came from watching musical acts from other cities facing off in similar ways. He quickly came to the conclusion that putting the two Flint rap groups under one roof would potentially draw in a large crowd. 

After putting out a few exploratory posts on social media to gauge interest in the possibility of a show off between The Dayton Family and Top Authority, Harvey managed to get over 2000 likes and 800 shares all in support of such an endeavor. 

Immediately, Harvey knew the original venue he had in mind, Piece of the Rock, would not be big enough. 

“When we put the announcement out there, the traction we got was unexpected. We knew people were gonna feel it but we thought ‘we can set up something nice at Piece of the Rock’ and then people started saying in the comments ‘this has to be at Dort Event.’” Harvey said. 

Diallo “Flex” Peacock (left), Ira “Bootleg” Dorsey (center) and Dia “Shotgun” Peacock during a promotional meeting for the Dayton Family/Top Authority Versus event. (Courtesy photo | Ira “Bootleg” Dorsey)

Ira “Bootleg” Dorsey from The Dayton Family said ever since the inception of both groups, the question as to who was “the best rap group of all time in Flint” had lingered. He called it an “elephant in the room.”

Upon being approached by Alex and Ruce Duce another of the event’s organizers, Dorsey said an event like that had been something both groups had always wanted to make happen.

“It feels amazing that after all these years that we still get the support from our hometown. It’s always good to receive your flowers while you’re still around. It’s an amazing thing, it’s a blessing from God to even be physically able to to perform at the level that we do at our ages,” Dorsey said. 

Top Authority’s Diallo “Flex” Peacock said fans can expect a night full of throwbacks and chart-placers from the groups.

“There were a lot of songs from both of us in the ‘90s that competed with each other on the charts, a lot of good songs that a lot of people here still love,” Peacock said. 

Though admittedly not as popular with the younger crowd, Peacock said he’s got respect for the new sounds being developed in Flint and he enjoys whenever he hears sounds characteristic of ‘90s Flint rap influencing modern music in the area.

“As for the younger generation, well we know some of them still look up to us but they’ve got their own thing going on. I see our style is slowly coming back too so I’m looking forward to a crowd made up of different ages,” Peacock said. 

Though the event is being touted as a competition, Dorsey said what it’s really about is bringing positivity to the city and creating something that will give fans a fan to go out and enjoy themselves.

“I’m just thankful. I’m looking forward to doing this and bringing positivity to a city that is in desperate need of it. This event is meant to be fun and family-friendly, all ages are welcome to come. It’s just going to be a beautiful day for our city,” Dorsey said.

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