FLINT, MI – An actress from a popular 90s sitcom took to social media this week asking people to support Flint Mayor Karen Weaver during the recall election.

Erika Alexander played Maxine “Max” Shaw on Living Single, a sitcom that debuted in 1993, alongside with Queen Latifah who played the character, Khadijah James. Queen Latifah also plays the character Iza Banks in Flint, a Lifetime movie focused on the Flint Water Crisis.

“I am humbled to receive support from someone of her stature,” said Weaver regarding Alexander’s support. “It gives me energy to continue to fight. She is a strong woman and very concerned with what is going on in Flint.”

Weaver is facing a recall election on Tuesday, Nov. 7 as people head to the polls in Flint to decide whether she will stay in office.

Alexander posted a video on Thursday, Nov. 2 in support of Weaver.

“She’s been there dealing with all the water issues and all the things that go with it in Michigan for Flint residents,” said Alexander in her Facebook video post. “She’s facing a tough recall election on November 7 and she needs our help.”

There are 17 other candidates on the ballot vying for her seat including Arthur Woodson, the man who pushed recall efforts against Weaver and longtime Flint City Council member Scott Kincaid.

Flint Mayoral Candidates

  • David Davenport
  • Chris Del Morone
  • Woody Etherly
  • Anderson L. Fernanders
  • Ray Hall
  • Ronald D. Higgerson
  • Brent Allan Jaworski
  • Ellery Johnson
  • Scott Kincaid
  • Sean MacIntyre
  • David W. Meier (dropped from the race but will still appear on the ballot)
  • Anthony Palladeno Jr.
  • Don Pfeiffer
  • Jeffrey L. Shelley
  • Al Wamsley
  • Angela Ward
  • Karen Weaver
  • Arthur Woodson