Flint, MI–  An investigation is underway for a woman who died last week at the Genesee County Jail.

On May 10, a woman appeared to have died in her sleep from what seemed to be withdrawal, according to Sheriff Chris Swanson.

Swanson said they won’t know the cause of death until toxicology reports come back, but that more details should be available soon.

He also said that a rumor is going around that there have been two deaths at the jail in the last week, but that is not true. 

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10 replies on “Woman’s death at Genesee County Jail under investigation”

  1. I was in the gcj 4days after being beat in the head the head head being smashed into the ground. I didn’t eat use the bathroom or anything if my neighbor hadn’t kept calling the jail to check one letting me know she was taking care of my dog. I couldve died as well medical still didn’t see me until ten days later when the booking officer who changed me into my uniform worked the floor and made sure i recieved medical treatment. I belie3 someone should look into that its more to the story.

  2. That jail is nasty I believe they probably did have someone die in that place they kept me there for 3days to long all because they had a computer error I had to kick on the door for 6 hours straight finally lt came in they realized they screwed up pack me up and let me go. The officers treat people in jail w zero respect and half of them don’t do nothing anyways.

  3. My dad ended up dieing from being in that jail to what are they doing they need to get more involved with in the jail and bring the bible and Jesus and get counciling for those people in there they act like they don’t care

  4. My son is there and has Psoriasis and they weren’t treating it and he got a bad infection they had to cut it open and he still is very untreated with his medical condition something needs be done just because there in there don’t mean there to be treated any different from anyone and they don’t care about there health it’s sickening

  5. You need to sue them my nephew did they waited for his wound to get infected before that got him any help he aimost lost his arm he won his case dont let them get away with it.

  6. Watch god don’t like Ungly soon as the right person get in there and see what been going on for years a lot of people go lose they jobs. It’s real bad in there.

  7. I was in there 9 years ago and it. Was. Bad. In there Dirty really bad in there…..

  8. In 1976, the end of February, my dad was taken to Genesee county jail. He was 59. He died as a result of being beaten and kicked. He was in a car accident and was taken to jail . I was 18.5 years of age and I went with my mom to Identify my dad at FOH. He was bloated big time. He bled to death.

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