Flint, MI — The City of Flint administration is calling a special city council meeting after Flint City Council failed to move forward on what they are calling “critical” city business during its meetings on Monday, Sept. 11, 2023.

The meeting is set for Thursday, Sept. 14 at 5:30 p.m. in city council’s chambers with an agenda focused on four resolutions:

  • A resolution authorizing a $25,000 change order for a Shelter of Flint contract.
  • A resolution authorizing $135,908 to the J.F. Cavanaugh Company for Water Pollution Control Influent Chamber repair and restoration following an Aug. 13, 2023 rainstorm that broke a gate at the center.
  • A resolution authorizing a $378,000 purchase order to Lake Star Construction for the lead remediation project for the Lead Based Paint Hazard Program.
  • A resolution approving a tentative agreement between the City of Flint and AFSCME Council 25, Local 1799, which was not on the agenda for the Sept. 11 meeting.

Flint City Council adjourned both their Sept. 11 Special Affairs and regularly scheduled council meetings due to a lack of quorum after nearly four hours of heated discussions over public speaking policies and Robert’s Rules of Order, which help serve as a guideline for meeting structure.

The city’s administration says it may have to use “emergency protocols” if the council does not vote on the four resolutions.

“This is a moment for Flint residents, as they have so many times before, to reach out to their councilmembers and encourage them to move the city business forward for the benefit of our entire community,” reads a Sept. 12 press release from Flint’s communications director, Caitie O’Neill. “If city council again fails to complete its work after this further opportunity, the administration will be forced to use emergency protocols to ensure that city services are not negatively impacted.”

According to the Sept. 12 press release, the Water Pollution Control influent gate, which controls the direction of raw sewage inflow at the treatment plant, requires immediate attention. Additionally, the administration is saying the resolution for $25,000 in Emergency Solutions Grant funding for the Shelter of Flint and a nearly $300,000 authorization request for a Lead Based Paint Hazard Control Program address health and safety issues.

Editor’s note: Since the publication of this story, Councilman Eric Mays and Councilwoman Tonya Burns called a special city council meeting for the same date, time and location as the Neeley Administration’s special meeting to discuss the four resolutions noted above along with “any other Unfinished Business from the Monday, September 11, 2023 Special Affairs Committee and Regular City Council Meetings” and “Other General City Business.” The councilmembers’ announcement posted on Sept. 13, 2023, according to Flint City Clerk documentation.

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