Flint, MI – The Flint Board of Education unanimously voted to suspend Superintendent Derrick Lopez at
their special board meeting on Wednesday, April 15, in lieu of a pending investigation.

Board President Casey Lester, and board members Diana Wright, Danielle Green, Carol
McIntosh, and Vera Perry were present for the vote. Board secretary Betty Ramsdell and
Trustee Blake Strozier were absent.

This decision came following a closed session. No information has been provided as to what the
investigation is concerning, or what was discussed in the closed session.

Flint Community Schools Board President Casey Lester released a statement, saying:
“The Flint Community Schools Board of Education has voted to place Superintendent
Lopez on administrative leave pending an investigation. In the meantime, we have
appointed Assistant Superintendent Anita Steward to the role of Interim Superintendent
as she leads the district's efforts to implement the Distance Learning Plan. Anita Steward
is a dedicated, long-time leader in the district and will continue to guide student learning
and engagement through the remainder of the year. Pursuant with Board of Education
policy, we are not able to provide additional details regarding personnel matters.”

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