Flint, MI—The City of Flint’s 9 p.m. curfew, as a preventative method against spread of COVID-19, has been extended for two more weeks into the next month, May 15, Mayor Sheldon Neeley announced today.

“Crime is lower now and infection is slowing so we cannot relax our guard. We definitely know that we’re not all the way through this pandemic and it’s going to bring about some level of comfort if we extend this and if we all work together to make sure that we do everything necessary by washing our hands, practice social distancing, recognizing the shelter-in-place, and also the city of Flint’s curfew.”

The curfew extension coincides with Governor Whitmer’s executive order announced today, also extending the state’s stay-at-home order to May 15.

Neeley thanked the residents who have been adhering to the rules, mentioning that while they’ve had to talk to groups of people encouraging them to disperse, they have had zero major incidents.

“We are trying to make life as normal as possible through this pandemic,” said Neeley, as he announced a couple of the city’s services that are due to resume by next week, like curbside pick-up for yard waste and big box items.

While the lead pipe replacement effort has been suspended due to the pandemic, the “soft work repair” is set to resume this week. Workers will repair yards, and cover cement work — services that don’t require human contact.

Neeley also addressed the city’s water utility payment assistance program, encouraging residents to speak with their ward’s council member about clearing a second wave of funds.

“We would love to re-engage that process,” said Neeley.

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  1. Why is MTA opening back up , after the closing of it has help cut the number of virus outbreak,,, the buses is only going to cause a backward situation with no control.., is it anything the Government or Mayor can do to make sure it’s time for this situation to come back in process !!! Thank you !!!

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