July 25, 2019

Contact:    Candice Mushatt           

Mayor Weaver’s Beautification Initiative to Extend Beyond Summer

What: Mayor Weaver’s Beautification Initiative

Who: Mayor Karen Weaver and Community Volunteers

Where: Pierson and Fleming Road, 5116 Fleming Rd.

When: July 27, 2019, 9am-12pm

Details: The Mayor’s Beautification Initiative will continue throughout the summer and fall, weather permitting. This will be a bi-monthly event in which different areas will be targeted for clean ups. This is in addition to the hard work that the blight department, other organizations and various neighborhood associations are doing with clean-up projects throughout the city.


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One reply on “Mayor Weaver’s Beautification Initiative to Extend Beyond Summer”

  1. Well, our neighborhood is not seeing this. The weeds and neglect are worse than ever and now a newly burned out house will probably sit for a few years as neighbors pile more trash in there. All the redevelopment that is being talked about is not helping the neighborhoods one bit. The city is not even filling potholes this year.

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