Flint, MI—As infighting within Flint Community Schools’ Board of Education ensues, the Board undergoes yet another shuffle of positions.

At a board meeting on Aug. 17, 2022, board members voted 4-3 to strip Joyce Ellis-McNeal of her title as the Board’s president. Chris Del Morone, Allen Gilbert, Danielle Green and Carol McIntosh voted yes, while Linda Boose, Ellis-McNeal and Laura MacIntyre voted no.  

“Intellectually, morally and ethically, you aren’t qualified and that’s my opinion,” Green said of Ellis-McNeal. “You may not like it, but I just had to say it, because I know I’m not the only one [who thinks that].”

McIntosh, who was the vice president, now assumes the role of the Board’s president.

As the Board proceeded to vote on whether to remove MacIntyre as treasurer, Ellis-McNeal said that “we’re just acting out in a way that’s unprofessional [and retaliatory], and to remove Laura is also retaliation.” She added, “I have no problem not being the president, but we should do things in decent order.”

The vote passed 4-3, with the same board members voting yes or no as they had for ending Ellis-McNeal’s presidency.

For the Board’s vice president, Del Morone takes on the position following a 7-0 vote in favor for him over Boose.

Green becomes the Board’s treasurer after a 4-2 vote, with Ellis-McNeal abstaining from the vote. Del Morone, Gilbert, Green and McIntosh all voted yes. Boose and MacIntyre voted no.

When all was said and done with the votes on role changes, McIntosh noted that “I’d like to congratulate everybody on their new, moved positions. Hopefully, we can move forward to get some things done.”

The votes came at the heels of Green’s return to her first board meeting last night after about a 5-month hiatus. While Green has continued to serve on the Board, she was removed as president by the Board after she allegedly assaulted then-treasurer MacIntyre during a board subcommittee meeting on March 23. At the time, Ellis-McNeal, who was the vice president, then became the Board’s president, with McIntosh stepping in as vice president and Boose as secretary. 

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