Flint, MI– According to the unofficial results of Michigan’s Nov. 8, 2022 election, Sheldon Neeley will serve another four years as mayor of Flint. The city also has a host of new school board members and renewed its extant police services millage.

The Nov. 8 election saw Flint’s incumbent mayor Sheldon Neeley defeat the city’s former mayor Dr. Karen Weaver to hold on to his seat. Neeley has served a three-year term as mayor of Flint since 2019, while Weaver was Flint’s mayor from 2015 to 2019.

Neeley ultimately won with 11,692 votes or 52.90% of the total votes. Weaver received 10,411 votes, accounting for 47.10% of the total votes.

Flint Mayor Sheldon Neeley gives the history of Floyd J. McCree during a ceremony on April 4, 2022, at City Hall, honoring McCree, a civil rights activist and Flint’s first Black mayor. A statue of McCree was erected outside of City Hall by sculpture artist Joe Rundell. (KT Kanazawich | Flint Beat)

According to an Oct. 28 City of Flint press release, a 2018 change to the city’s charter means that Neeley will start his new term the Monday following the certification of the state’s gubernatorial general election results, which may take up to three weeks.

Aside from the Flint mayoral race results, below is a wrap-up of all of the Nov. 8 general election’s winners and losers, along with both state and local-level proposals:

Statewide Races

According to the Secretary of State’s unofficial election results for Michigan’s 83 total counties incumbent Governor Gretchen Whitmer secured a close victory with 49.35% of the overall vote.

Whitmer’s fellow Democrat Jocelyn Benson won another term as Secretary of State while incumbent Attorney General Dana Nessel defeated her Republican opponent, Matthew DePerno.

Governor and Lieutenant Governor

  • Gretchen Whitmer / Garlin D. Gilchrist II (D) – 2,421,377 votes, or 54.46% of all the votes
  • Tudor M. Dixon / Shane Hernandez (R) – 1,953,819 votes, or 43.95% of all the votes
  • Mary Buzuma / Brian Ellison (Libertarian) – 38,768 votes, or 0.87% of all the votes
  • Donna Brandenburg / Mellissa Carone (U.S. Taxpayers) – 16,253 votes, or 0.37% of all the votes
  • Kevin Hogan / Destiny Clayton (Green) – 10,774 votes, or 0.24% of all the votes
  • Daryl M. Simpson / Doug Dern (Natural Law) – 4,957 votes, or 0.11% of all the votes
Governor Gretchen Whitmer updates the Flint community on the upcoming construction of a Michigan State Park at Chevy Commons during a press conference. The press conference was held at the Kettering University GM Mobility Research Center on March 31, 2022. (KT Kanazawich | Flint Beat)

Secretary of State

  • Jocelyn Benson (D) – 2,458,611 votes, or 55.85% of all the votes
  • Kristina Elaine Karamo (R) – 1,845,975 votes, or 41.93% of all the votes
  • Gregory Scott Stempfle (Libertarian) – 52,979 votes, or 1.2% of all the votes
  • Christine Schwartz (U.S. Taxpayers) – 27,915 votes, or 0.63% of all the votes
  • Larry James Hutchinson (Green) – 16,608 votes, or 0.38% of all the votes

Attorney General

  • Dana Nessel (D) – 2,320,440 votes, or 53.15% of all the votes
  • Matthew DePerno (R) – 1,945,531 votes, or 44.56% of all the votes
  • Joseph W. McHugh Jr. (Libertarian) – 67,710 votes, or 1.55% of all the votes
  • Gerald T. Van Sickle (U.S. Taxpayers) – 32,387 votes, or 0.74% of all the votes


Congressman Dan Kildee sought re-election as the Democratic candidate for U.S. Representative of Michigan’s 8th Congressional District, which includes the City of Flint. Kildee was opposed by Paul Junge, a Republican, David Canny, a Libertarian, and Kathy Goodwin, the Working Class Party candidate.

Kildee ultimately won with 178,277 votes, accounting for 53.09% of the overall votes. Junge was the next highest vote-getter, receiving 143,815 votes, or 42.83% of the votes.

Dan Kildee, the incumbent in the race for Michigan’s 8th Dirstrict, speaks to a crowd of supporters at his watch party for the election results at Sauce Italian American Kitchen in Flint, Mich. on Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2022. (Michael Indriolo | Flint Beat)

“Today we celebrate a hard-fought campaign victory,” Kildee said in a press release following the Associated Press calling his win. “But tomorrow, we get right back to work for mid-Michigan’s working families.”


Jim Ananich, incumbent state senator for Michigan’s 27th District, did not run for re-election, so current state representative John Cherry, a Democrat, and Aaron Gardner, a Republican, ran to take his place.

Cherry won the seat after receiving 64,189 votes, or a little over 64% of all the votes. Gardner received 35,972 votes.

State Representative Cynthia Neeley, who serves the City of Flint as representative of Michigan’s 70th District, was also on the general election ballot. Tim Butler, a Republican, challenged her for her seat.

Neeley won handily, with 21,277 votes, or slightly more than 82% of all the votes. Butler received 4,660 votes.

State Board Races

The state board races include multiple positions in each category, all of which serve eight year terms. Unofficial winners are designated in bold, and will be final once the election results are certified later this month.

State Board of Education (2 positions)

  • Pamela Pugh (D) – 2,060,772 votes, or 25.21% of all the votes
  • Mitchell Robinson (D) – 1,981,366 votes, or 24.24% of all the votes
  • Tamara D. Carlone (R) – 1,907,724 votes, or 23.34% of all the votes
  • Linda Lee Tarver (R) – 1,867,185 votes, or 22.84% of all the votes
  • Mary Anne Hering (Working Class) – 135,404 votes, or 1.66% of all the votes
  • Donna Gundle-Krieg (Libertarian) – 87,501 votes, or 1.07% of all the votes
  • Bill Hall (Libertarian) – 87,110 votes, or 1.07% of all the votes
  • Ethan Hobson (U.S. Taxpayers) – 48,163 votes, or 0.59% of all the votes

Regent of the University of Michigan (2 positions)

  • Kathy White (D) – 2,006,735 votes, or 25.16% of all the votes
  • Mike Behm (D) – 1,959,035 votes, or 24.56% of all the votes
  • Lena Epstein (R) – 1,907,433 votes, or 23.91% of all the votes
  • Sevag Vartanian (R) – 1,780,189 votes, or 22.32% of all the votes
  • Eric Larson (Libertarian) – 128,697 votes, or 1.61% of all the votes
  • Sherry A. Wells (Green) – 77,826 votes, or 0.98% of all the votes
  • Joe Sanger (U.S. Taxpayers) – 71,323 votes, or 0.89% of all the votes
  • Kathleen Oakford (Natural Law) – 45,564 votes, or 0.57% of all the votes

Trustee of Michigan State University (2 positions)

  • Renee Knake Jefferson (D) – 1,982,911 votes, or 24.94% of all the votes
  • Dennis Denno (D) – 11,936,682 votes, or 24.35% of all the votes
  • Mike Balow (R) – 1,925,584 votes, or 24.22% of all the votes
  • Travis Menge (R) – 1,844,637 votes, or 23.2% of all the votes
  • Claranna Gelineau (Libertarian) – 99,372 votes, or 1.25% of all the votes
  • Max Riekse (Libertarian) – 83,898 votes, or 1.06% of all the votes
  • Robin Lea Laurain (Green) – 78,824 votes, or 0.99% of all the votes

Governor of Wayne State University (2 positions)

  • Marilyn Kelly (D) – 1,961,446 votes, or 24.94% of all the votes
  • Danielle Atkinson (D) – 1,955,349 votes, or 24.86% of all the votes
  • Christa Murphy (R) – 1,891,732 votes, or 24.05% of all the votes
  • Craig Wilsher (R) – 1,812,774 votes, or 23.05% of all the votes
  • Bruce Jaquays (Libertarian) – 100,804 votes, or 1.28% of all the votes
  • Marc Joseph Sosnowski (U.S. Taxpayers) – 71,326 votes, or 0.91% of all the votes
  • Susan Odgers (Green) – 71,191 votes, or 0.91% of all the votes

Judicial Races

In the judicial sphere, Richard Bernstein and Brian Zahra beat out Kyra Harris Bolden, Paul Hudson and Kerry Lee Morgan for the two Michigan Supreme Court Justice seats, and Judge Colleen A. O’Brien ran unopposed for an incumbent position on the 2nd District Court of Appeals.

As for the partial term 2nd District Court of Appeals seat, Judge Sima G. Patel defeated Michael Warren. Patel will fulfill a term ending Jan. 1, 2027.

Incumbent 7th Circuit Court judges Joseph Farah and David Newblatt ran unopposed for additional six-year terms. However, Farah announced his retirement, effective Nov. 9, 2022, following allegations of sexual misconduct in August.

Farah’s office could not be reached for comment.

Farah ultimately received 89,940 votes, or 49.10% of all the votes, while Newblatt received 93,229 votes, or 50.90% of all the votes.

Mary Hood of Flint, Mich. and Dawn Weier of Richfield Twp., Mich. ran against each other for an open non-incumbent position as circuit court judge. Weier won with 63,375 votes, or 51.24% of all the votes. Hood received 60,316 votes.

County Commissioners

Bryant Nolden defeated Steven M. Cousino for the position of Genesee County Commissioner – 1st District. Nolden received 6,622 votes, or 84.83% of all the votes. Cousino received 1,184 votes, which accounted for 15.17% of all the votes.

Charles H. Winfrey was re-elected as Genesee County Commissioner – 2nd District with 10,020 votes, or 81.36% of all the votes. Winfrey’s challenger, Lynette Robinson, received 2,296 votes, or 18.64% of all the votes.

Mott Community College Board of Trustees

Wendy Wolcott and incumbent Art Reyes beat out incumbent Anne Figueroa and Art Maden for Board of Trustees at Mott Community College.

Jeffrey R. Swanson was also voted in as a partial-term member, winning over opponents Rebecca Garske and Beth Cooper. His term will end Dec. 31, 2024.

State-Level Proposals

There were three state-level proposals on the Nov. 8 ballot.

Proposal 1 passed with 1,818,401 votes, which accounted for 63.89% of all the votes. This proposal requires state legislators, the governor, secretary of state and attorney general to file annual public financial disclosure reports after 2023 and introduces a 12-year term limit for state representatives and state senators.

Proposal 2 was adopted with 1,619,992 votes, which accounted for 56.47% of all the votes. This proposed amendment to the state constitution will add election provisions that include requiring the state to fund absentee ballot drop boxes and allow nine days of early in-person voting.

Proposal 3 was adopted with 1,529,939 votes, which accounted for 52.62% of all the votes. According to the public ballot, this proposal will establish pregnant mothers’ right to make all decisions about pregnancy and abortion. It will also disallow the state from prohibiting abortion needed to protect a patient’s life or their physical or mental health.

Local Proposals

Voters in the City of Flint also considered proposals to renew a countywide millage for veterans’ services and a citywide millage for police services.

The proposal regarding Flint’s police services passed with 16,275 votes, or 74.88% of all the votes.

The proposal will amend the city’s charter to renew the City of Flint’s existing millage of 2 mills, or $2 per $1,000 of taxable property value, for the next five years up to Dec. 31, 2028. According to the public ballot, the millage will be used “for the sole purpose of funding police services” and will raise an estimated $1.654 million in 2023.

The Flint Police Mini Station on University Avenue and Chevrolet Avenue on Sept. 10, 2021. (KT Kanazawich | Flint Beat)

Flint and other Genesee County residents also voted on a county-level millage renewal proposal for veterans’ services—more specifically “for the purpose of providing support and assistance to veterans of active United States military service and their dependents, and administrative and facility costs involved” in providing such support.

The renewal passed with 113,926 votes, or 71.38% of all the votes. This proposal will renew a levy of $0.0984 per $1,000 of taxable value on property within the county and is estimated to collect $1,037,333 in its first fiscal year.

According to Bridge Michigan, the state board of canvassers is expected to certify election results by Nov. 28.

This article has been updated to include full, unofficial election results. As Flint Beat noted at the time of this article’s original posting, 81 out of 83 counties had reported.

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