FLINT, MI — Flint officials issued a warning today telling residents to report any suspicious people posing as pipe replacement workers.

“Residents are not expected to shoulder any of the burden when it comes to pipe replacement”, said Department of Public Works Director, Robert Bincsik in a July 11, 2018 press release. “If residents are being approached and asked for money to fix their pipes or perform any work inside or outside of their home, we are asking that they call the Flint Police Department and report the individual immediately. If the resident feels uncomfortable, they do not have to allow access to their home.”

Officials say people have been posing as employees for Mayor Karen Weaver’s FAST Start program, the initiative to replace Flint’s tainted service lines.

“FAST Start has been successful thus far and we want to continue in that success,” said Weaver stated. “While we are doing work aimed at fixing the pipes and regaining trust from the residents, we have to be mindful that there are some individuals who would look to capitalize on the crisis. FAST Start workers will always properly identify themselves.”

FAST Start employees will always identify themselves to residents, workers are identified through company work vehicle and identification.

Residents who have already been approached are encouraged to call the Flint Police Department to file a complaint.

Flint Police Department telephone number: (810) 237-6800