Flint, MI — Following three Flint City Council meetings all ending with no city businesses being handled, another special city council meeting has been called.

Council members Eric Mays and Tonya Burns called a special city council meeting for 5:30 p.m. on Sept. 18 in the City Council Chambers.

“City business isn’t getting done . . . we had three meetings that erupted into no business being done,” said Burns. “They were actual dumpster fires. This last meeting…it was chaired unfairly.”

Burns points blame at Flint City Council Vice President Ladel Lewis.

Lewis, who has chaired the last two meetings, says Burns and Councilman Eric Mays are the blame.

“It is very unfortunate that those that are calling the meetings are those that are obstructing the meeting and breaking quorum,” Lewis said. “I am very confident that business will be handled this meeting.”

On Sept. 11, council met for their regularly scheduled and special affairs committee meetings. Both meetings adjourned due to lack of quorum after hours of discussion. The third meeting was held on Sept. 14. It also ended with no city businesses being conducted.

According to the agenda, the Sept. 18 meeting will address a several resolutions, including unfinished business from Sept. 11 and the following:

  • A resolution authorizing a $25,000 change order for a Shelter of Flint contract.
  • A resolution authorizing $135,908 to the J.F. Cavanaugh Company for Water Pollution Control Influent Chamber repair and restoration following an Aug. 13, 2023 rainstorm that broke a gate at the center.
  • A resolution authorizing a $378,000 purchase order to Lake Star Construction for the lead remediation project for the Lead Based Paint Hazard Program.
  • A resolution approving a tentative agreement between the City of Flint and AFSCME Council 25, Local 1799, which was not on the agenda for the Sept. 11 meeting.

Following the Sept. 14 meeting, Flint City Administrator Clyde Edwards sent an emailed statement saying the city was moving forward with some items without council’s approval.

“After the council again failed to act, the administration was forced to take steps to ensure that Flint residents did not suffer as a result, and we have done so within the boundaries of the law as allowed by city ordinance,” Edwards wrote on Sept. 15. “We will ensure that emergency repairs are made to the Water Pollution Control influent chamber to eliminate threats to public health. We will ensure that hazardous lead paint is removed from homes where the health of young families is threatened. Homelessness is a dire public health and safety concern, and we will ensure that homeless families have the resources they need.”

This was the second time the administration addressed the issue. On Sept. 12, Flint Communications Director Caitie O’Neill wrote in a press release that emergency protocols might be enacted if council did not vote on city business during the Sept. 14 meeting.

“If city council again fails to complete its work after this further opportunity, the administration will be forced to use emergency protocols to ensure that city services are not negatively impacted,” she wrote.

Sophia is Flint Beat's City Hall reporter. She joins the team after previously reporting for the Livingston Daily and the Lansing State Journal, along with some freelance work with The New York Times....

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  1. It’s called Slander.
    Two types, old rule and new rule.
    The Truth Test has been suspended (clarified). ‘Proof of harm” is the Requirement. (This new type has been around for over 30 years.
    How much kick-backs money are certain councilpersons getting this time? Free Federal government money?
    We own who and what we pay for.
    Then, this includes The Department Of Justice. It’s called garnishment (Administrative), and Federal Seizure of all property!
    The Federal prison system is also utilized for the Crime…the money is returned.
    Ladies and Gentlemen, as always, Thank you for the Privailage of your time.
    (remember, speaking of numbers, 01/02/2028 is fast approaching.)
    GM, (the new…gm) has your money. If you bank with it…you are financing it’s new dealership scheme. How did Michigan National Bank work out–when the Federal Government seized it for “incompetence” in 1980-1.
    How did that old dealership sheme work out during the two or three past “emergencies”..cough-cough, wink-wink. How many people died? How many have brain damage from EPA cited chemicals in the Flint, GMSewer System) River. It was not only lead…it actually was 80,000 parts per million instead of Regulated 3,000 parts per million.
    Neither you nor I are children. If you, not including me, want a Eminent Domaine–Federal Takeover and 100% ownership of this municipality, get used to wearing “leg bracelets”**
    …”cheeze-and-butter lines” and G.I.*clothing.
    *Government Issue.
    ** Criminals wear them so The Department Of Correction can monitor where people go and CAN’T.
    (you’ve heard of Home School.
    Get used to Home Incarceration.
    You WILL work. And, some jobs the government does not care about YOUR protection. Sue it? Starve. Your government owes you nothing!
    The water has been swirling in that pot for 20 years. Plus, five more years. Two years after that?
    The “lid” comes down.
    Who knows, maybe G-overnment M-oters will allow you to work there.

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