Flint, MI—The Flint Community Schools (FCS) Board of Education elected new officers at its first Board meeting of 2023. 

During the Jan. 11 meeting, the Board voted for Michael Clack as president, Terae King Jr. as vice president, Claudia Perkins as secretary and Dylan Luna as treasurer, all of whom are newly elected board members. 

In all, five new members—Clack, King, Luna, Perkins and Relerford—have joined the Board alongside Joyce Ellis-McNeal and Laura MacIntyre. 

“We all intend to bring trust back to the district,” Clack said during the Board meeting. “We all intend to bring a sense of pride back to the district.”  

Previously, Carol McIntosh was the Board’s president, with Chris Del Morone serving as vice president and Linda Boose as secretary. All three, as well as then-trustee Allen Gilbert, failed to hold on to their seats in the November 2022 election. 

The president’s duties include running board meetings, the vice president presides over the meetings when the president isn’t present and the secretary handles official correspondences and signs off on Board proceedings. 

The treasurer position, which heads the finance and operations subcommittee, has been left unfilled since Danielle Green resigned in August 2022. Before Green’s brief tenure as treasurer, MacIntyre served in that position and chaired the Board’s last finance and operations subcommittee meeting on Aug. 1. 

Even so, FCS Superintendent Kevelin Jones told Flint Beat that “we weren’t stopped from doing anything that we’re supposed to do as a district. It did hold up Board work—things that the Board wanted to vote on and things of that nature. But it didn’t hold us up from continuing what we do day to day.” 

The assistant secretary/treasurer position, previously held by Del Morone, had also been vacant since August after he was elected as vice president, one among a series of changes in positions that month. 

At the Wednesday Board meeting, MacIntyre was elected as the assistant secretary/treasurer, who takes on the duties of the secretary or treasurer if needed.  

Jones said the district has carried out an orientation with Board members, adding that “all of the board members that have come on [are] excited to do the work that we, as an administration, [have] been trying to do. We’re glad about that. I’m happy about the officers.” 

Nicholas is Flint Beat’s public health and education reporter. He joins the team as he graduates from Santa Clara University, Calif. Nicholas has previously reported on dementia and brain health, as...