Flint, MI—The Flint City Council Candidate Forums for Flint’s third and fourth wards are now live.

Click here to see what your candidates have to say about what they would bring to the table as a council member.

Some candidates chose not to participate, but all who did participate were asked the same six questions regarding what they think are the most pressing issues facing their ward, their plans to ensure transparency, balancing the city’s budget, and more.

You can read more about the issues facing the third ward and the candidates’ ideas here, and about Flint’s fourth ward here.

Scott Atkinson has been reporting on Flint for more than fifteen years. He spent several years as a reporter for The Flint Journal and is the editor of "Happy Anyway: A Flint Anthology," a collection of...

One reply on “Flint City Council Candidate Forums: Hear what 3rd and 4th ward contenders have to say”

  1. Why do we even need City Council and what “good” are they if they do nothing but argue and gripe at each other every day?? They are not needed as far as I’m concerned What have they done for their wards??? Will someone please tell me?? They are just getting paid to sit on their rears all day and argue about useless stuff! Let our Mayor make all the decisions for the city! That is his job! Why does he even need these useless people?? My City councilperson has done NOTHING in my east side hood to get rid of major blight and all the too many burned up and abandonned structures here which almost outnumber the occupied ones. This sucks! I hate seeing them with no progress being made on them! They just sit and get worse and uglier! I want to FIRE my City Council person!

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