Flint, MI—The Flint City Council Candidate Forums for the fifth and sixth ward are now live.

Click here to see what the candidates had to say about cleaning up the city, keeping residents safe, and how they’d go about balancing the budget.

You can see previous Flint City Council Candidate Forums here.

Some candidates chose not to participate, but all who did participate were asked the same six questions regarding what they think are the most pressing issues facing their ward, their plans to ensure transparency, balancing the city’s budget, and more.

You can read more about the issues facing the fifth ward and the candidates’ ideas here, and about Flint’s sixth ward here.

The Flint City Council Candidate Forums were created through a partnership between Flint Beat, Communities First, Inc., and the League of Women Voters.

Scott Atkinson has been reporting on Flint for more than fifteen years. He spent several years as a reporter for The Flint Journal and is the editor of "Happy Anyway: A Flint Anthology," a collection of...