Hughey Newsome (Photo from the City of Flint)

FLINT, MI Flint’s Chief Financial Officer, Hughey Newsome, has announced that his last day working with the city will be Friday, March 29, 2019.

Newsome who joined the City of Flint in late 2017 after he was appointed to his role by Flint Mayor Karen Weaver. He submitted an open letter to the Flint City Council during their March 11, 2019 meeting citing challenges he faced with the council.

“I regret to inform you that I have tendered my letter of resignation as the City of Flint’s Chief Financial Officer to Mayor Weaver effective March 29, 2019,” wrote Newsome. “Indeed, I have been here for over 17 months and I have tried to work with you closely.  I have been accused of lying, cheating and mismanaging funds.  These lies and innuendos were passed on to the media in an attempt to slander my professional name.  That phase of politics showed me that it was time to move on; my career means more to me and my family than being attacked and the truth distorted on a daily basis.”

Newsome is Flint’s third chief financial officer since Weaver came into office in 2015. He replaced David Sabuda who served as an interim after Jody Lundquist who resigned May 2016.

Weaver said she understands Newsome’s frustrations.

“While this news is certainly upsetting, I completely understand his frustration and his desire to maintain mental clarity and a good professional name for himself,” said Weaver in a March 11, 2019 press release. “I wish Mr. Newsome well in his future endeavors, this is truly a loss for the city.”

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