Dear Flint Residents, PLEASE open your eyes and realize that Mayor Karen Weaver is NOT a servant of the people of Flint, MI.

Flint. MI is in desperate need of someone with a servant’s heart to lead in the role of Mayor.

Rev. Stacy Swimp

A true leader is a servant who focuses on the growth and well-being of the people and the communities to which he or she belongs and seeks to serve.

A true leader is a servant who puts the needs of others first rather than building a platform on backs of the suffering in pursuit of personal advantage and fame.

Mayor Karen Weaver has repeatedly demonstrated that she is not committed to serving the citizens of the city of Flint.

Instead, she is using the water crisis as an opportunity to seek personal advantage for herself and for her closest allies, proven by the FACT she testified that getting Gilcrest “paid” was her number one priority when considering how to use funds donated to help the people of Flint during this water crisis.

This was her sworn testimony. While that might not be illegal, it certainly revealed that her priorities are based upon self-interests rather than the needs of the people

She won’t even respect the voters enough to try to earn your votes. She feels entitled and that she has this election “in the bag”. Hence, she won’t participate in debates with Sheldon Neeley and Gregory Eason. In order to hear from the people and speak to the concerns and needs of the people.

At some point, we the people must realize that – when people show you who they are – it would be wise to believe them.

Who is Mayor Karen Weaver then?  She is someone who is absolutely not a servant of the people she was sworn in to serve.

– Rev. Stacy Swimp

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One reply on “Letter to the Editor: “Mayor Karen Weaver is NOT a servant of the people””

  1. Frankly, the decision to renew the contract with GLWA for 30 years, while simultaneously withdrawing the City of Flint completely from the KWA thus surrendering our rights, after we already paid millions into it, only then to have GLWA buy up our rights, and thus making us overall less water independent, is the reason why she will not be receiving my vote… neither will my council person.

    This alone will burden residents with high water bills indefinitely with little to no relief. This alone is a terrible decision that will long term impacts on our community. She’s still a political novice, and really shouldn’t be our Mayor…

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