Federal prosecutors filed a criminal complaint against the man who has been charged in the stabbing of Flint Bishop Police Officer Lt. Jeff Neville on June 21.

The complaint was filed on June 28 and charges suspect Amor M. Ftouhi  with violence at an international airport.

On June 16, investigators say Ftouhi stabbed Neville in the neck in the public area of Bishop Airport in Flint Township.

According to reports Neville, who was released from the hospital on June 26, was stabbed repeatedly by Ftouhi with a 12-inch knife that was just a few millimeters away from hitting a main blood vessel to the brain.

Because of the attack Flint officials called for heightened security at Flint City Hall on June 21.

FBI officials say the incident is being investigated as a terrorist attack saying that during the stabbing Ftouhi yelled, “Allahu Akbar,” which means “God is great” in Arabic. He also referenced killings in Syria. Iraq and Afghanistan.

Ftouhi, 50, holds dual citizenship in Canada and Tunisia.