Flint, MI—To celebrate two decades of service to the community, the Latinx Technology and Community Center center organizers and volunteers are hosting a party open to the public on Saturday, June 26.

From its inception as a chapter of the American G.I Forum, an advocacy group for Hispanic Veterans, the tech center has adapted to be a community center focused on serving Flint’s Latinx community.

“We are really celebrating the community, celebrating the East side, the Latinx Center, the Latinx community,” Asa Zuccaro, the tech center’s director, said

Not long after its creation, the chapter partnered with Mott Community College as a way to bring access to the internet and other technologies to the East side of Flint and it’s Latinx community—hence the moniker “tech center.” 

Zuccaro said now, 20 years later, the organization’s mission to bring access to technology and technology services to the East side is as relevant as ever. With COVID-19 highlighting a breakdown in communications between health organizations and under-represented groups across the country, access to technology continues to be an issue. 

“It’s interesting to see how 20 years later, we see what happened during the pandemic and how relevant access to the internet and technology still is to these issues,” Zuccaro said. 

Despite the continued struggles faced by the community, Zuccaro said a celebration is still in order for all the good that has been done by the center’s members and volunteers.

The celebration, which will feature a bounce house, music, Latin American food, dancing, and raffles, will be sponsored by Cancun Mexican Restaurant & Cantina in Fenton. 

Activities will start at noon and lead into the night. During that time members of the Flint Repertory Theatre will perform a play in front of one of the East side’s murals. Free Fajitas provided by Cancun Mexican Restaurant & Cantina will also be available as well as a salsa dance performance by dance instructor Ibis Fernandez followed by a sampling of Latin American foods and dance.

The event will begin at noon at the tech center, located at 2101 Lewis St. Admission is free and all are welcome. 

Santiago Ochoa is Flint Beat's Latinx Community reporter. He is always looking to write about anything Flint or Latinx. He especially enjoys investigative reporting and human-interest stories. A communications...

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  1. Thank you for allowing Santiago advocate for our community through his writing. He has been a godsend in getting the news out on what Flint’s Latinx community is doing and saying. Keep up the good work.

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