Flint, MI — Recall petition language submitted against Flint City Councilwoman Judy Priestley was approved at a Genesee County election commission hearing on July 11, 2023, while language filed against Councilman Eric Mays was voted down.

In the filing against Mays, petitioner Dione Freeman stated the 1st ward councilman should face recall as he “was charged with a misdemeanor for disorderly conduct.”

However, the election commissioners responsible for deeming the language “clear and factual” for a recall process to proceed noted it did not include a date of the misdemeanor in question.

“It wasn’t specific enough,” Mays told Flint Beat after the hearing. “You know, the 1st ward has been supporting me for close to 10 years. I’m hoping they’ll continue to support me.”

As for Priestley, Tuesday marked the second recall hearing for the 4th ward councilwoman.

While prior language claiming she didn’t “work effectively with her Flint City Council colleagues” failed before the election commission last month, this time, filed language nearly matched previously approved petitions against Councilwomen Ladel Lewis and Eva Worthing.

That language focuses on a meeting Priestley did not attend on May 20, 2023, “which was properly noticed for the purpose to update the public and answer questions regarding the process for organizations and individuals applying for community grant program funding through the American Rescue Plan Act subsidies allocated by the City of Flnt [sic]; and other general city business.”

Flint City Councilwoman Judy Priestley looks at her colleagues during Flint City Council’s Special Affairs Committee meeting at Flint City Hall on Monday, Nov. 14, 2022. (Michael Indriolo | Flint Beat)

Priestley told Flint Beat she did not believe the May 20 meeting was properly noticed according to Flint’s city charter, and if she had attended she therefore “would have been in violation of the charter.”

Priestley added that she hasn’t decided whether she will appeal the commissioners’ decision, but if she doesn’t, she hopes her ward will stand by her work thus far.

“I hope that the residents of the 4th ward see what I have done, and that I am there for them when they call,” she said.

According to Genesee County Elections Supervisor Ellen Yope, the petition filed against Priestley will require 515 signatures to move to a ballot measure.

The similar recall language now approved against Priestley, Lewis and Worthing will appear at least once more before the election commissioners this month, as they will consider a petition filed against 8th ward Councilman Dennis Pfeiffer citing the same missed meeting on July 27.

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  1. Woodson and Mays playing petty politics. Really sad because this is the 3rd Council and still the same fights. They actually have Mays a chance in the beginning and he got out of control. He’s exactly like Trump and his supporters can’t see it.

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